PR Services

PR Services

The creative use of news, events, publications, social investments, community relations and other forms of marketing PR are mechanisms for supporting inherent brand promises.

Media Relations

Whether it is composing and sending press or news releases, holding press conferences, arranging interviews with company executives, responding to inquiries from journalists and composing executive speeches, they are all part of the media relations professional services offered by TOTAL PR.

Together with the client, we are thinking, ellaborating and we are sending straight messages, coherent and full of media impact. We are developping special messages for each communications channel. Our main competitive advantage is the long experience in both media and PR.

Event Management

We select, propose and manage the presence of the company to the appropriate conferences, business, HR and social events, according with the organization objectives and policies. We also organize special informing campaigns including corporate or uninformal meetings with clients, partners, media, actual or future employees. In order to better exploit each opportunities, we are always in touch with media events, events planners and business meetings.

Crisis Management

Involves building and preserving the image of a company by demonstrating to the public that the firm is an efficient producer of good products, an honest seller of goods and services, a fair and equitable employer, and a responsible corporate citizen.

This offer includes:

  • telling the organization story well when controversy arises;
  • initiating programmes to explain company goals and policies and
  • making early identification of developing problems so the company can act quickly to solve them

Employees/partners communications

An open flow of information from management to employees and from employees to management is recognized as essential by most Fortune 500 corporations. To achieve this, TOTAL PR works closely with the HR department.

Among the functions we perform are

  • writing of the company newsletter;
  • writing promotional materials explaining company offer, policies and benefits;
  • preparation materials for training and corporate events.